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The Big Picture: Aerial Video Tour

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The Light: Priceless

Spring 2017 Rhododendrons Video Tour

Sacred Spring 2017 Powwow Video Evidence

Estate Grounds Video Tour

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Resplendent Rhododendrons Photo Tour

A Rare and Beautiful Snow 2018

LivingLight: Water More Precious Than Gold

LivingLight: Water More Precious Than Gold ~ Emerging Proof

Legendary Sacred Site & Grid Node Possible Correlaries
via Hugh Newman's Earth Grids book p. 4: BOL's/Angel Lights, 6: Springs/Hilltops, 21: US Grid Map, 50: Earth Music/Song Lines, Enchantment @ Youtube 15:55 et al, Perhaps? See also: The Stories of Tarajories
Very Good Mojo!

What We Learned in this Sacred Space: Worth More than All the Gold... as shown in this World Peace Event September 2015 Trailer with Top Ten audio track. You can learn it, too! If you listen, She will teach.

A Photographer's Dream: Introducing Our Beloved Flora & Fauna

Airports, Education, & Points of Interest

Bless the Water/Unify Video World Water Day March 22, 2018

Nature is Speaking with Julia Roberts

Getting to be a real celebrity hang-out: Justin Bieber [among others] Enjoys Clear Lake Labor Day Weekend 2015

Concise INFO, PHOTOS, Links to Clear Lake COMPS

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